amber candleMassages are a real treat for the senses and are also used to treat and relieve many ailments and pains.Remember that there are different types of massage, not only must you pigeonhole relax the muscles that have contracture by the stress of everyday life. You can also take advantage of different types of items such as steam baths, balsamic stones, infrared massager, fat burner and more.

Aromatic, the soul of plants:

It is known as aromatherapy. The use of essential oils of plants for medicinal purposes. What are essential oils? These are chemicals in the -leaves plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, and crusts, which are those that produce its characteristic aroma. As the name suggests, the essential oils are the essence -the ‘alma’- plant and are the result of a series of chemical reactions that occur in plants.

Yet, despite the significant and proven benefits that plants in general, and such oils in particular produced in our state of health, aromatherapy is not considered a branch of traditional medicine.We can also go through  Marysville Massage .

phol5i-sp1__01There is a direct relationship between what we smell and our mood. This is because when a smell enters the nose stimulates the olfactory nerves, which act by sending these odors, in the form of chemical signals to the brain, specifically the hypothalamus and the limbic system, the latter being responsible for modulating basic emotions. Depending on the type of oil used, the feeling that triggers can be soothing or stimulating.

It is not so surprising that there is a branch of psychology who studies the effects of odors on the human mind, or why it is common to relate our memories and feelings with certain smells.

The essential oils extracted from plants contain chemicals with beneficial health properties. Discover all that aromatherapy can do for your physical and mental well-being.

Hot stone massage:promo252029520

Although it has become fashionable for some years over. The origin of the so- called therapy geothermal or stone therapy is an ancient technique of oriental massage.

The geothermal therapy combines massage therapy with the use of hot and cold stones -Ubi can do them at points where are the chakras – and getting the energy to flow properly. And thus relieving our discomfort. Without forgetting that many of the stones used are of volcanic origin which, in addition to improving the flow of our own energy. Our bodies receive energy from the earth.But this type of therapy is not exclusive to the east. It was also used by the natives of Australia and America, with saunas, combining the use of stones with herbs.

1666_massaggi01Properties hot stone massage:

Due to its numerous properties, they are already many massage centers and spas that perform the technique of hot stone massage.

Of all these include mainly three:

Reduction and pain relief through direct action exerted on the points responsible for transmitting the sensation of pain to nerve receptors that make us aware of it.

Removing toxins from the skin via sweat, this occurs because of the high temperature of the stones.

Improving circulatory system due to the temperature difference between the stones, ranging from 8 ° to 50 ° C, and the massage action. The combination of these factors makes our blood circulation is activated.

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